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Kaskad-ex LLC – building and construction

Small architectural forms construction in Moscow is out of line production, all the items are hand-made and practically unique. Our items are involved in decoration of parks and recreation areas as well as hunting and fishing sectors, restaurants and cafes, urban and private property zones. Kaskad-ex LLC has undergone the certification and meets the quality requirements of ISO 9001: 2000

Wooden constructions are best fitted into any country house architecture layout. Decorative forms of wood enrich the front door area or inner house space, creating unique and exclusive view. To make one's country house place look individual, one should pay proper attention to such decorative elements as small architectural forms. For small architectural forms are exactly the means to change the cottage and its outer space view entirely. Small architectural forms in landscape design are not only of practical appliance but form fundamental decorative setting.

Small architectural forms for gardens are constructed of various stock. Small architectural forms of wood within the inner cottage territory set in the style and atmosphere needed. Wood handling is a special art – the creator should have this unique gift of nature at his finger tips and me-to-you attitude. Special means of expressiveness achievement including virgin texture of wooden surface, simple geometrical forms, decorative painting and carving are used by wooden masterpieces creation. Harmony, beauty, ecological compatibility, overwhelming cohesion with the environment are the essential features of wooden art.

Summer house is a unique and authentic element of garden and outdoor space design. It will give You a feeling of cosines, comfort and relaxation. Besides, it's a beneficial practical decision. One can find shelter from nasty weather there or enjoy yourself in private thoughts while reading or having rest. The history of summer houses is rooted in the past. In ancient Russia summer houses were constructed for outdoor recreation. The pleasant tradition transferred to present days. Nowadays no good landscape scheme can do without various summer houses and shedders construction.

By summer house construction the footing durability and location of the structure should be indispensably considered. The splendid view is a must and it should blend in cottage landscaping perfectly. Besides, summer house construction should be safe for environment.

The profs of Kaskad-ex team will help You to line up the project and construct the summer houses of any complicity. We focus on individual looks, that is why our designers work out unique projects of summer houses with the account of the consumers' claims and wishes. Summer houses handed by our profs decorate many spots and shelter thoroughly from wind and rain. Hundreds of wooden, metal and beaten summer houses produced by Kaskad-ex serve hand and foot for the citizens of our country. Summer house construction is the thing we like and do good at. The members of our team are the gurus so the results are beyond expectations.